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Sawyer Endodontics

Covington, LA

root canal
Welcome to Sawyer Endodontics

Welcome to Sawyer Endodontics, the specialty practice of Dr. Allen N. Sawyer. We are pleased that you have sought specialty care for your dental concerns.  While all dentists are trained in dental school to perform root canals, there are many cases that present very challenging aspects, making treatment much more complicated.  Your dentist has determined that your particular needs require the skill of an endodontist who has advanced training to give you a favorable outcome. We are highly committed to providing you with exceptional, state of the art care in a comfortable environment.       

We are dedicated to delivering endodontic services at the highest level.  After thoroughly evaluating your particular situation, if we feel that you would be better served with either no endodontic therapy or an alternative treatment, we will gladly inform you prior to any treatment.  Each endodontic case is unique, and every patient we treat deserves excellent care.  Our promise to you is that we will work in conjunction with your dentist to determine a treatment approach that is right for you.


Patient Testimonials

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sawyer's practice to anyone. A wonderful experience. I was greeted by Angel and Kimmy, two charming ladies who are as pulchritudinous as they are professional. Angel got me registered on the computer and took my blood pressure as we joked and teased each other. Then Kimmy took me to the "stand up x-ray" machine and patiently and cheerfully explained it to me. It's basically an MRI for teeth, and it costs more than a new house. Finally, I was attended to by Dr. Sawyer. Soft spoken and gentle, he performed some chemical and tactile explorations on my aching tooth. Then he went over the x-rays and MRI with me, and it was determined that a root canal was not necessary. He wrote a prescription for me, and a week later I was good as new!

Skip H.

I was referred on short notice with sudden onset of significant tooth pain. I was pleasantly surprised when the office accommodated my complicated work schedule with a same day appointment. The end result was a root canal. I was impressed with the level of efficiency and professionalism. I would highly recommend Dr. Sawyer

Kerry M.

I was referred to Dr.Sawyer by my regular dentist for a root canal. His staff handled all my insurance forms, answered all my questions accurately and immediately. While on vacation I experienced an emergency. I phoned the after hours line and Dr.Sawyer returned my call within minutes. The staff scheduled an appointment to resolve the situation on their day off. Dr.Sawyer and his staff were professional and caring, I would gladly recommend Dr.Sawyer to friends and family. Thank you.

Stacie H

Dr. Sawyer was informative when I went for a consult. His staff along with Dr, Sawyer were very professional, kind, and caring. When or if I need a root canal, I will return without hesitation.

Suzanne W.

From the onset of my first call until my departure from my appointment, I was treated with great care, honest opinion, and respect. I would recommend Dr. Sawyer.

Charlene g.