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Sawyer Endodontics

Covington, LA

Patient Testimonials

I was very happy with the care and service I received yesterday from Dr. Sawyer and the staff. They got me in quickly as I had an urgent issue. They were very nice and welcoming! Dr. Sawyer was very thorough with me and made sure I understood exactly what was going on. I was very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend them!

Stefany J.

Doc - Outstanding!! Staff - Outstanginger!!

E. Lemaitre

The staff at Sawyer Endodontics are very helpful, informative, and kind. I trust Dr. Sawyer's opinion as rather than doing a root canal that was suggested by another dentist, he took the time to evaluate the issue and recommended another course of action that was appropriate for my situation. Thank you Dr. Sawyer for your ethics!

Mike C.

Dr. Sawyer and staff were very welcoming and professional. My root canal was painless! Dr. Sawyer is very knowledgeable and gentle as well. I was extremely impressed with the care I received and the level of professionalism. Highly recommend.

Liz B

I had my first root canal procedure today and I was super nervous. Dr. Sawyer's down to earth and personable demeanor put my mind at ease. He explained the procedure in detail. The procedure was painless. It was actually a relaxing experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Sawyer to my family and friends . He’s the best!

Kim s

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sawyer's practice to anyone. A wonderful experience. I was greeted by Angel and Kimmy, two charming ladies who are as pulchritudinous as they are professional. Angel got me registered on the computer and took my blood pressure as we joked and teased each other. Then Kimmy took me to the "stand up x-ray" machine and patiently and cheerfully explained it to me. It's basically an MRI for teeth, and it costs more than a new house. Finally, I was attended to by Dr. Sawyer. Soft spoken and gentle, he performed some chemical and tactile explorations on my aching tooth. Then he went over the x-rays and MRI with me, and it was determined that a root canal was not necessary. He wrote a prescription for me, and a week later I was good as new!

Skip H.

Thank you Dr . Sawyer and staff for such a pleasant experience getting my root canals done. Everyone in the office was so kind and professional. Angel was so helpful with getting the financial part handled and making sure I had my medications, and Dr Sawyer and his assistant were so gentle and let me know what was happening each step of the way, which made it a very comfortable experience.

Kristen B.

Thank you for a pain free root canal. Everyone was so nice and professional I would recommend Dr Sawyer to all my family and friends.

Cecilia F

I have spent a lot of time in the dental chair from childhood to now. I'm 63. Had a root canal performed by Dr. Sawyer. I was so impressed by the professionalism and care that was demonstrated to me. Dr. Sawyer and staff took the time to explain the procedure. Loved the high-tech showing me what he would be doing, and it made the procedure one of the best experiences I've had in the dental chair. Staff is excellent! Can't say enough good things!

Steve W.

I had a great experience. Everyone was very nice and very informative. My procedure went great and I would definitely recommend your office to anyone. Thanks

Shane L.

Dr. Sawyer and his entire staff got me in immediately, were exceptionally pleasant, and all of my dental concerns were explained in terms I fully understood. I was referred to him by the Navy.

AFCM Danielle

Dr. Sawyer and his staff was wonderful! Very kind and accommodating. I was referred to him by the Army to have him remove my root canal filament due to an infection and he did a good job! Thanks Sir! Hoooaaahhh

LTC James

Wonderful, positive outcome, responsive scheduling, accommodating, virtually no waiting, polite, caring, great follow-up.

Eric N.

Dr. Sawyer and his staff run one of the most professional, clean, and welcoming doctor's offices I've ever seen. Couldn't have asked for better treatment.

Evan W

Excellent staff and Dr. Sawyer is wonderful, would highly recommend him.

Earl D

prompt, polite, patient, professional. good doctor and staff.

Bob S

I waited about 12 years too long to get my root canal- because of fear. Well, after consulting with Dr Sawyer and his staff, I was still apprehensive but ready! Well, I cannot explain the way he and his staff guided me through the entire procedure as well as made sure I didn't feel a thing! Not one stitch of pain! Thanks for everything and a job well done!!

P. Bobrowski

Great staff. Easy check-in. Dr. Sawyer was clear in his explanation of the issue at hand. I'm a return patient and was very much at ease in returning.

Msgr. Bilinsky

Went in for a consult on a possible root canal. The staff was extremely helpful, kind, and informative. Dr. Sawyer was just as great as his staff! He is very conservative on treatment but thorough enough that I felt confident in what he advised. I would recommend this office for anyone with endodontic needs.

Corrine M

I had a root canal procedure corrected by Dr. Sawyer years after the original procedure was done, and he did an excellent job. He is efficient and thorough. I would recommend him.

Diane K.

Was impressed with the online process of filling out required forms, never experienced that but made the visit that much faster! Staff is very knowledgeable in all aspects! Procedure was really organized and I was made aware of each step! Highly recommend.


Dr. Sawyer is very talented, and also very humble. His team are also talented and pay attention to all aspects of the procedure at hand. The scheduling and the insurance process was great. I couldn't be happier!

Dwight F.

I was super nervous about my root canal. I am only 16 and I have heard that they hurt. I took the recommended pain medicine after the procedure in fear that the pain was coming. Dr Sawyer and staff did such a great job being gentle with me that I probably didn't even need that dose. I am grateful for their comforting and kind words as they explained the procedure to my mom and I in detail. I would recommend Sawyer Endodontics to anyone in need of a root canal. Thank you!

Autumn R

Great professional staff. Dr. Sawyer was great.

Barbara B

Very professional experience with Dr. Sawyer and his staff. Dr Sawyer was very thorough in his explanation. Would highly recommend him.

Joann B

Y'all rock! Figuratively and literally! Everyone is friendly and does an excellent job. I will recommend Dr. Sawyer to everyone. Thanks for the great experience. I actually enjoyed it!

Phylis J.

The doctor and staff were friendly and very helpful. I appreciated Dr. Sawyer explaining why this root canal was different than the first one I had and why I needed a second visit. All in all it was a good experience.

Barbara M.

Thank you, Dr. Sawyer and team for your professional and gentle way you handled my recent root canal procedure. From the initial call to your office, when Angel made sure I had my pain under control, to the follow up call afterwards, I was so impressed with your staffs caring attitude. When I asked about costs, I was provided with a complete list of the costs and an estimate of what insurance might cover. The procedures were done as gently as possible and the results now, several weeks later are as if I never had a problem with the offending tooth! Thank you so much!

Linda P.

I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Sawyer's office. The staff was professional, friendly, and helpful. I admired the way Dr. Sawyer took his time to provide me with a detailed explanation of what was happening with my tooth. Although my tooth did not require a procedure at Dr. Sawyer's office, his office will be my first choice if there is ever a need in the future.

Kimberely B.

I could not have been any more anxious about my first endodontic procedure. Dr. Sawyer and his staff were so comforting and patient with me, afterwards I felt silly for the anxiety I had. The procedure was literally pain free! In and out within an hour. Thank you for such a pleasant experience. Highly recommended!

Heather F.

Dr. Sawyer and his Team are very professional. They made you feel like home. No stress,pain. Talking to you and letting know what they're doing. The Dentist industry has really changed. Thanks so much TEAM SAWYER. Larry

Larry B.

Dr. Sawyer and staff, you are awesome. This is a place you share with everyone and they will love you for it!

Annie M

I had a wonderful experience! Both the doctor and assistants were as kind and as gentle as can be. They checked all my teeth and knew exactly what to do to relieve the pain. I highly recommend them.

Caroline F.

By far the best root canal experience I've had. Dr. Allen and staff made you feel comfortable and without pain during the procedure.

Jonathan B

I was refered to Dr. Allen sawyer by my family dentist, Dr. Joe Ferara for a root canal procedure. Needless to say at 75 years old I was a little uneasy about this procedure. However,after meeting Dr. Sawyer and his staff,I became more at ease.X-rays were taken, and then Dr. Sawyer explained in detail how he would perform the procedure on my aching tooth.The root canal surgery went smoothly and without pain.Dr.Sawyer's pleasant manners kept me calm and at ease during the procedure. I was extremely please with Dr.Sawyer and his staff,they were both courteous and professional,and I would highly recommend Sawyer Endodontics to anyone needing specialized dental work.

Larry W.

The staff was really nice and helpful. Everything was smooth from making the appointment to completing the procedure. I would certainly recommend this dentist office to anyone!

Colleen H

I have worked in the dental field for many years, and the treatment at Dr. Sawyer's office was extremely positive and professional from the initial phone call until the check out. The office is beautiful and welcoming! The waiting room is comfortable with the amenities of coffee and TV while you wait (which is not long). The treatment performed by the obviously very knowledgeable, Dr. Sawyer, includes the latest technology and the patient chairs are incredibly comfortable! I highly recommend Dr. Sawyer and his staff!

Shannon K.

I was in the most severe pain I'd ever experienced; until … I went to initially see Dr. Thomas Bailey of Bailey Family Dentistry and after a great experience and diagnosis with their team he referred me to Dr. Allen Sawyer, D.M.D. for a root canal. I was able to secure an appointment the next day and was immediately prescribed medication for the pain until the appointment. Their staff was very friendly, professional and empathetic to my obvious pain. I was able to fill out all the forms online the day before, which was a nice convenience and saved time. Upon my arrival for the appointment I reviewed some consent forms and electronically signed and was taken in for x-rays. I was impressed with their 3D x-ray machine which shows you all angles to review and assess problems. The root canal operation went extremely smooth – no pain at all – and was finished within 20 minutes or so. I was even able to play tennis that night! Extremely impressed with Dr. Sawyer and his staff and would highly recommend to anyone.

Richard T.

I went to my regular dentist for a painful tooth and was told I needed a root canal . Having had one before I was not looking forward to the experience . Dr. Molly Burns highly recommended Dr. Sawyer at Sawyer Endodontics in Covington and actually set up the appointment for the same day . Dr. Sawyer's staff were welcoming and kind . I was quite impressed with how modern the office and the equipment are . This office visit was the first stress free dental experience I have ever had . Everything that was done and performed was the best. You and your office staff are extremely nice and professional . I highly recommend Sawyer Endodontics to anyone anywhere needing specialized dental work such as a root canal.

Chris L.

I went to my regular dentist for a painful tooth and was told I needed a root canal . Having had one before I was not looking forward to the experience . Dr. Molly Burns highly recommended Dr. Sawyer at Sawyer Endodontics in Covington and actually set up the appointment for the same day . Dr. Sawyer's staff were welcoming and kind . I was quite impressed with how modern the office and the equipment are . This office visit was the first stress free dental experience I have ever had . Everything that was done and performed was the best. You and your office staff are extremely nice and professional . I highly recommend Sawyer Endodontics to anyone anywhere needing specialized dental work such as a root canal.

Chris L.

Thanks to you and your staff for your kindness and detail attention given in my root canal. Your staff was so helpful welcoming, and caring. I will definitely be recommending your office to others. You and your staff are a great team. Thanks for making this experience a great one.

Cherie A.

I went to my regular dentist for dental work however he told me I needed some specialized work that he was unable to perform and highly recommended Dr. Sawyer at Sawyer Endodontics in Covington. He made an appointment for me to see him and his staff to have my procedures done. Thank you Jesus. Dr. Sawyer you and your staff are the greatest. Everything that was done and performed was the best. You and your office staff are scholars ladies and gentlemen of the highest order, people of character. I highly recommend Sawyer Endodontics to anyone anywhere needing specialized dental work such as a root canal. You won't be dissatisfied.

Cheif Pittman

Thank you Dr. Sawyer and your wonderful staff. You were very welcoming and made this experience for my daughter very positive. I appreciate the thorough explanation of your findings. Your staff was very helpful and understanding. Thank you so much for the great experience.

Jimme Williams

So glad I found Dr. Sawyer. He explained exactly what was wrong with my tooth and eased my mind on the steps to take to fix it. I was not eager to have a root canal but he and his staff reassured me that my comfort was their main concern. I highly recommend Dr. Sawyer and his staff for your endodontics needs.

Kitty Strikmiller

Thank you Dr. Sawyer and staff for getting me in quickly and put me on the path to getting relief.

Scott J.

Dr. Sawyer, thank you for seeing me so quickly and being prudent and professional in arriving at a diagnosis. You did not rush in with a quick solution, and I appreciated your good judgment as well as your kindness.

Del McNeely

This was my first visit. Dr. Sawyer and his Staff were very welcoming. They made my visit very relax and comfortable. I would highly recommend them as a provider.


This was my first visit. Dr. Sawyer and his staff were very professional. They did a great job of explaining the services that I needed and my options, how much my insurance would pay, and how much I needed to pay. In addition, Dr. Sawyer did an excellent job. He was very thorough and explained each step prior to doing it. I highly recommend this provider.

Sandi A.

Very competent and friendly staff. They helped me save lots by managing my insurance policy. Dr Sawyer's work is exceptional. His office uses high-tech equipment like I've never seen before.

Charlie M

This is a super doctor and staff. I literally walked across the street from my dentist office on referral for an emergency root canal. They could not perform the root canal that day, but scheduled the procedure early the next day. Dr. Sawyer made certain that I would be able to get through the day and night with as little pain as possible. His staff is friendly and efficient - I could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend Sawyer Endodontics. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Ramona M

as far as root canals go, the two I had were a 10 out of 10. the first time I fell asleep in a dentist chair!!!!!

mike d

The entire staff was exceptional from the moment I walked through the front door, to the Doctor's chair, and back out of the front door. They were all very personable, and extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely feel very comfortable, and in good hands if I ever need to return to Dr. Sawyer's office.

J. Perry

From entrance to exit , the best dental experience ever. Would recommend to anyone and everyone needing there services. Wish all dental procedures were as painless.Thanks to all staff and Dr Allen for there friendly and delightful care.

G Spalt

I was very impressed with my visit. Dr. Sawyer and his staff were professional and courteous! Overall it was a pleasant experience!

Beryl H.

What an amazing team this is. I was seen very quickly! Angel helped me through the registration and check out with wonderful care, Kimmy was so kind yet professional as the dental assistant and Dr. Sawyer could not have been more wonderful. Thanks to all! Sally

Sally McG

Was referred to Dr. Sawyer for a consult. His office expedited my evaluation and was able to confirm my diagnosis using the latest 3D rendering equipment that even I could see clearly and understand. Great experience.

H. Thompson

I have had three root canals..this was the best experience ever...Everyone was so friendly and professional. If I have to have another...will definitely use Dr. Sawyer!!!

Lynne M

My visit to Dr. Sawyer was totally a pleasant and professional experience, from the front office staff all the way to the doctor. Thank you to all.

B. Hunley

Very professional experience. Angel was kind and helpful. The office setting is relaxed and friendly. Thank you for your services!

C White

Front of the office is organized and caring. Third and fourth hands in the procedure were fast, accurate and effective. Dr. Sawyer is the best endodontist who has done a root canal for me and I have had three.

Bill J

Many thanks to Dr. Sawyer and his wonderful staff for making my first root canal a pleasant experience.

Lynne O.

This office is complete. From the front desk to the Dentist himself, my well-being was their first concern. A breath of fresh air. Many thanks for your kindness.

Tina B

The staff and doctors are so amazing! Nothing but honesty and what's truly best for the patient. I would highly recommend this office to anyone!

Amanda L

I have had some pretty horrifying dental experiences in the past, so I am always terrified to go to the dentist. I can honestly say that Dr. Sawyer is the most gentle dentist to ever treat me. I hope I never have another root canal, but if I do, I can assure you I will return to Dr. Sawyer.

Rhonda B

I just want to thank the friendly staff and Dr. Sawyer for making me feel at ease while having my root canal. Dr. Sawyer was recommended by my regular dentist because he knew that I needed someone that was gentle and made me feel relaxed. Thanks again.


What a great group of people. Angel took care of all the insurance questions and did all the work to find out what insurance would cover. Angel also went above and beyond to help me with a personnel request. Thanks Angel! Dr Sawyer was great in letting me know what to expect after my root canal and made the experience incredible! Would recommend them to everyone.

Barry J.

As a health professional, I am acutely aware of what it takes to provide the highest level of patient care and ensure excellent service to patients that I feel Dr. Sawyer and his staff provided. My highest recommendation goes to Dr. Sawyer and his team of caring and professional staff.

Jan L.

I was really pleased with this dentist and his staff. Dr. Sawyer was real informative in my root canal procedure and he did an excellent job. Angel, the receptionist and Jessie, his assistant were real caring and professional. They kept me informed with all the information I needed. Thanks to you all for a job well done!


When the Dentist told me I may lose a tooth I was horrified! I already had a root canal on the tooth and it was infected again! She sent me to Dr Sawyer and it was saved! He made the procedure painless and pleasant! I will use him again, because I refuse to lose a tooth!

Jennifer S.

I would like to thank Dr.Sawyer and his amazing staff. They combine professionalism with a genuine concern for the patient. I will and have recommended Dr. Sawyer to both my family and friends.

Barbara P.

The thought of having endodontic work, specifically a root canal terrified me. The staff were very accommodating, helpful with insurance issues, and welcoming. Dr. Sawyer made the procedure painless and minimized any possible discomfort. 

Mary V.

WOW. Where do I start. From my first phone call with Angel. She was super nice and answered all my questions and had me an appointment that afternoon. Then meeting with Jessie was a pleasure. Dr Sawyer explained every detail and was true on point. This was the greatest dental experience I have ever had. Professional and very friendly group.

Jimmy D

Awesome treatment. Solved my problem. Thank you!

Jae J.

I literally hate to go to the dentist, but if they were all like Dr. Sawyer it would be a breeze. He took his time and explained everything to me. He was very gentle and patient. His staff was also very helpful and everyone knew exactly what they were doing. It went very smoothly.


Over my 25 year military career I have been to many many dentists just to keep up with my records, checkups, and so on. Dr. Sawyer is one of my Top 2 dentists I have ever seen. Personally, I hate going to the dentist, but his skill was above reproach and I felt nothing during my root canal. Thanks Doc!!!

Marco G.

One of the best dentist visits I have ever had. The staff and Dr. Sawyer are very nice and so professional.

Joe M.

Growing up hearing stories about how terrible it was to have a root canal, I went to Dr. Sawyer with a great deal of concern. However, I was assured that the current technology coupled with Dr. Sawyer's professional talents would prove that my concerns were unfounded. This,in fact, was the case. The procedure was carefully explained to me and was performed without discomfort or residual effects. Thanks to Dr. Sawyer and his caring and able staff!

Rory R

Dr. Sawyer, as you know I am not a big fan of drilling in my mouth but if you have to have this work done, you are the best! The competence and professionalism, as well as that of your staff far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend your services to ANYONE!!!

John D

Dr. Sawyer and his staff Angel, Tiffany and Jessie and the rest is by far the most welcoming and professional staff. I hope I will never have to get another root canal but if I do for sure will be from them.


My experience with Dr Sawyer over the past month and a half has been excellent. His staff is thorough, timely, and professional. Dr Sawyer is gentle and great at keeping you informed about your procedure.

Greg A

Dr. Sawyer and Staff. Thank you very much for making my root canal a pleasant and successful experience. I experienced very little discomfort afterward and no complications. I would certainly recommend you to anyone needing this procedure. Enjoyed meeting each staff member, too.

Delores S

DR Sawyer and his staff are the best. Staff was very friendly, polite and easy to work with. DR Sawyer took the time to completely explain each step of the procedure and did not rush the appointment and actually dealt with me on a personal level rather than treating me as if I was a number. Would highly recommend DR Sawyer and his staff to anyone in need of an endodontist.

Jonathan M.

There are two sides to any practice - the dental procedure and the business side. Yes, I am very pleased with Dr. Sawyer's work, BUT the office time and effort by Angel to lodge appeal after appeal with my insurance carrier was finally resolved in my favor. Angel is the best and could not have be done without her efforts! A great team ...

Robert B.

Great job

Roland R.

What a great experience. Excellent staff, and Dr. Sawyer was amazing. Thank you for taking me in so quickly and taking good care of me.


I Love everyone at Dr. Sawyer's office! They are ALL so sweet & make you feel so comfortable. Dr Sawyer was very gentle and this was the first time that I have had injections in my mouth that didn't cause cancer sores! Angel was so sweet...I had to bring my 7 year old with me and I felt totally comfortable leaving him in the waiting area with Angel. Thanks for everything!!!

Heather I.

Dr Sawyer and Staff - Thanks so much for being so exceedingly friendly, so very professional, competent and an expert in your field of endodontics. My root canal was painless and while here on military orders, I would both recommend and return to Covington if ever to need of future root canal from anywhere in the US. Fantastic experience and highly recommended to my colleagues at the base. God Bless you all!

John McG

Working here from out of state, a root canal presents issues. I feel fortunate to have found such a competent Doctor and staff to take care of my problem. I have recommended your services to my co-workers. Thanks

George W.

Thank you to Dr. Sawyer & staff. Dr. Sawyer, you are a miracle worker! My root canal was truly PAINLESS!! Even the injection site was painless. I also appreciate your compassion & gentle care during my procedure. You and your staff made me feel like family. God bless all of you. Thank you, again!

Cindy M.

Dr. Sawyer was referred to me by my general dentist. I have never had a root canal before, and it was a painless and comfortable procedure. His staff was very friendly and took care of the insurance. They were great, but I hope I do not have to see them too often.

Cathy H

Doc Sawyer and his staff are the best!!! They go the extra mile, also make YOU feel like family. Thanks for everything y'all. Gods' Blessings, Frank AKA "BIGFINGERS"

Frank O'H.

Dr. Sawyer, I want to thank you and your staff for your high quality, professional care. Your staff was very helpful and courteous. I appreciated your explanation of the entire procedure, expected outcome, and patient answers to all my questions. The 3D imagery was extremely helpful to me since I am a very visual person. Throughout the entire procedure you made sure I was not experiencing discomfort or pain. I feel I received a high level of care in a friendly, comfortable environment. I have recommended your practice to several of my friends.

Carole M.

Dr. Allen is an excellent endodontist. He made me feel so comfortable and no pain. I feel he is an expert in his field.

Jackie C.

Dr. Sawyer and Staff, Thank you so much for such an awesome experience when visiting your office on January 29th. Dr. Sawyer was and is above all of my expectations from a confident endodontist. His knowledge, expertise and personality were enjoyable. The staff was very helpful, warm and very knowledgeable in their profession and I was satisfied with my dental and personal care. I had very little to no pain the following day after my dental procedure, thanks to my excellent care. I will highly recommend your practice to everyone I know! Thanks again! Sincerely, Yun


Dr. Sawyer is the best endodontist in Louisiana!
Jason A.